Rating System

Here at Book Geek Review, we use a star rating system.


starcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeled Excellent Book, would recommend that everyone read. Really left a fabulous impression.

starcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledGreat book. Enjoyed it, and depending on your tastes or other considerations, would recommend it to most.

starcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledGood book. Had some issues, or some things were not to my taste.

starcolorunlabeledstarcolorunlabeledDidn’t like the book. Had major issues, and am unlikely to read more or recommend.

starcolorunlabeledCouldn’t finish, had serious problems reading, or had few redeeming qualities.


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